What do Northridge Publications and I Have In Common?

Last year, I submitted my first back pocket mini album for publication to Northridge Publications in hopes it would be picked up for they Spring edition of Create: Mini Albums.  After the deadline passed, I forgot about it completely, until I checked my email one night.  There sat my very first "Yes!  We want your project!" email!

I was so excited!  I jumped around my living room and had to call one of my closest friends, Jess.  Yep.  She's a big reason why I even submitted to begin with.  I'm not one to submit my work at all, much less regularly to publications.  I've done it only 1 or 2 times before this one, mostly because I just forget to.  Jess gave me the big push to submit THIS project.  And her gamble was right.  It was picked up.  So yes.  In spite of the 3 hour time difference, I had to call her. 

After the excitement died down, I filled out the information they needed, boxed up my mini, and mailed it off for publication!

You can see the full 4 PAGE SPREAD they did in this issue of the book (page 78).  It is available online now and is shipping to Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, local scrapbook store, and more right now!


Create: Mini Albums Spring 2012