Week 2 Is in the Baaaag!

Have I told you guys how much I am totally *diggin'* Project Life?!  Today, I have my Week 2 spread ready and rarin' to go!  I do admit that these project photos aren't as spectacular as last week's.  Fighting with cloudy, windy, dreary, overcast skies today and they kind of won.  ::shaking fist::

I used an assortment of cards from various Project Life Core Kits as well as embellishments from my January Hip Kit.  Why discriminate?  There's room for e'rythang in here!  And I have to say, those cork embellishments are the BOOOMB diggity!

Week 2 was a good week!  We checked out a new restaurant with some friends, ate some horse heart and kangaroo, had drinks, and my son had a minor meltdown over math homework. Yep.  Welcome to my life.

One thing to remember:  It's not sacrilegious to glue embellishments directly onto the photo.  True story.

Basashi = horse heart.......and it's DELICIOUS!  DELICIOUS I tell you!!!

Aaaaah and here we are at meltdown city topped with a cocoa rice krispie treat and the official start to some diving fun.  Aren't you "feeling the love"??!!  ::sarcasm::

One thing I do love about Project Life is that is lets me use tools and items I bought swearing I'd use them on ALL THE THIIIIIIIINGS but they ended up being shoved into a cabinet, used as a paper weight, or just straight up forgotten like an old pair of shoes in the back of the closet. As Justin Timberlake said, "I'm bringin' embossin' back!"

I have a box of Thin Mints calling my name so until next time.......