We Are All WASHI'd Up!

Gauche Alchemy is ridiculously excited to announce that we now offer Washi Tape!  This is big thing for us and washi tape has become a staple in anyone's arts and crafts stash.

Numbers Set

We now offer 20 different sets ranging from sets that coordinate with our color kits to stripes, gride, dots, whimsical.  You name it, we probably have it.  But they are going FASTER than free wine at a wine tasting!

Grid Set

Here's the best part.  The price!  Our sets are $10 and free shipping to the US and Canada.  Don't worry if you live internationally.  Your shipping cost is only $2.50!

Whimsy Set

Metallic Set

And this is just a small sampling of what we offer!  Get into the shop and snag yours before they are gone.  But no worries, we plan on keeping washi tape as a regular part of our inventory.