Wanderlust 2016 Journal

Hello Muses!  I'm starting my #2016ArtJourney with a bang!  I'm absolutely stoked at the year-long class the awesome hubster got me for Christmas.  I'm participating in Wanderlust 2016.  It's going to be a fun mess, I'm sure! Part of the class entails keeping an art journal interpreting different prompts that are given through the course.  Since I couldn't find a smallish journal that I absolutely had to have, I decided to make my own and I love how it turned out.

WanderlustJournal2016-1 Just look at it!!  That is an upcycled book cover.  And the imagery is perfect because art can be a rather religious journey right?  Don't hate.  You know you love it!

WanderlustJournal3Even the inside cover is awesome!  Because all arty roads lead to Rome!  (and maybe some to Jerusalem)  ::snort:: WanderlustJournal1I wanted to include some cool patterned papers inside.  I like a good challenging spread.  ::giggity:: I did make sure to keep them neutral so that my color choices aren't completely limited.

wanderlustJournal2You see some non-neutral pages in there?  Those would be the B sides to the two pagers.  Why not have some fun with colors and patterns right?

The size of my book is 5.5"x8.5".  I did have to cut those lovely 12x12's down to size.  Now what do you suppose I did with the scraps?

MiniJournalsI made some mini books!  These are about the length of my cell phone and about an inch wider.

MiniJournal1There are 12 pages in each book or 24 pages if you do front and back.  I see a cool little mini album in my future!

MiniJournal2Or perhaps a calendar?  Or maybe a mini travel journal?  Who knows but I do love having options!

Be sure to take a look here throughout the year as I'll be posting my journal spreads as I complete them.  Also, use #2016ArtJourney and share with the world what you are creating this year.