You may remember this piece as one of my last posts before my hiatus.  It came from a very thoughtful place after a lot of soul searching.

I have finally created the second of this series of three.  This one also came as a result of a personal battle I fight.  I have depression and I am coming out of a particularly nasty slump.  This most recent rut started out as anger and then morphed into a deep sadness.  I’m not ashamed and I find that talking about it is rather liberating.

Vida (8)

Each piece of this canvas hold meaning.  The chaos that always seems to be in the background, the chains that sometimes feel like they will never let go, the flashes of happy color through the chaos, the feeling that *I* can’t be seen and the constant reminder that life, vida, has got to be lived.

Vida (7)

I’m lucky to have a very understanding husband who is my rock and my light.  And I always appreciate and understand that I am NEVER alone and if you can relate,  you aren’t alone either.  I’m not ashamed as it’s very much a part of who I am, of my irresistible charm.  ::wink::