"Unlucky" is the ChALLeNgE!

Holy cow!  Two posts in one day??!!!  AMAZING!!!  You guys are getting spoiled!  ;)  This post is a bit.......unlucky.  That's right.  It's March and it's UNLUCKY!

The new challenges at A Cherry on Top are live and active.  And since I am now hosting the Theme Challenge, I figured what better way to get my feet wet than with the anti-thesis of St Patty's "luck o' the Irish" theme.  I decided to go with "unlucky".

This is a picture of my husband's "unluckiness".  This is his project car, Ashley.  It seems whenever he gets one thing fixed, another breaks.  In this case, his brake actually CAME APART while driving home one day.  My husband has said that he does have a sure-fire way to fix it.  A sledgehammer.  This car has been one headache after another for him.  Now this.  I'm just glad that he made it home safely.

Come on over to visit us at A Cherry on Top and give our awesome challenges a go!  I'm sure you will find something to inspire you.