Tattoo Inspired Dream Catcher

I have only done one other dream catcher so when a friend of mine requested one for her mom, I jumped at the chance to make another.  I had the itch to make one anyway. The concept behind this particular dream catcher was a tattoo she and her sister both had done.  Since her mom doesn't do tattoos, an actual dream catcher was in order.

So her mom's home decor is inspired by Southwestern motif.  I wanted to keep colors neutral, true to the spirit of the theme but have the same elements as the tattoo.

The dream catcher tattoo consisted of one prime catcher with three smaller catchers attached below.

The catchers are wrapped in suede cording and the weave is done with waxed cotton twine.  Because I have a large stash of beads, it was easy to accent the weave and the butterflies.  I prefer to keep my catchers rustic and allow the knots where wrap cycles are ended and begun.  I suppose you could consider it a signature of mine.

The butterflies are symbolic of my friend and her sister.

If you are interested in a custom dream catcher, feel free to contact me via the Twisted Muse Designs Facebook page and we can discuss details!