Frosty Christmas Ornament

This time of year is always so wonderfully chaotic for everyone.  For me, I've closed a major chapter in my life by finally finishing my Bachelor's degree.  Now, I'm in the midst of applying for jobs and preparing for upcoming interviews.  Throw all of that into the mix with holiday parties, volunteer work with my husband's unit, and taking care of household stuff, it doesn't leave much room for serious crafty time. Thankfully, with the help of wonderful friends like my fellow Retro Cafe Art Gallery team members, I'm learning that bigger doesn't always mean better and that the small is just as beautiful.  This ornament was put together in about an hour including the bead work (which I've gotten quite nimble with).

First, lay down a nice coat of gesso then go over it with Snow-Tex paste.  If you don't have this wonderful faux snow paste, modeling paste is just as effective.  While it's still wet, sprinkle some Glamour Dust or any other white or clear glitter you have lying around.

I like to add my embellishments while the paste is still wet so I can embed them slightly.  It provides a nice stable base but it also lends a slightly more realistic depth with the paste creeping up the sides of your embellishments.

Add bead work.  For mine, I used my usual needle technique and applied each bead one by one.   You could also use gel medium and micro beads or even some velvet flocking.  Frosty's dear face was also done with beads.  They are glued down but I also smooshed them into the snow paste.    Finally, just finish him off with some fancy buttons or beads and a bow for his scarf.

Supply list: Retro Cafe Art Gallery Masonite Snowman Ornament DecoArt Snow-Tex Paste DecoArt Glamour Dust Clear Glue Beads Ribbon