Spool-ky Halloween Wreath and a Hauntingly Fun Hop!

BOO!  Hahaha!  I didn't scare you a bit did I?  Well, I hope not because we have a fun week of Halloween ribbony fun ahead.  I hope you trick or treated your way here from Charlene's blog.  If not, head on back (and put that roll of toilet paper and carton of eggs away!) to Candy's blog and start from the beginning.  Did I mention a giveaway of three spools of ribbon from the May Arts Halloween collection?  See??!!  Who says trick or treating has to be for kids?!

Now for today's eye candy.  Ha!  See what I did there?

Because who doesn't love spools, glammed up skulls, and a load of May Arts goods?  These were just drab, plain ol', wood spools.  I had my lovely daughter paint them black and I wrapped them in ribbon.  After some lost rounds with the glue gun, burned off fingerprints, and more than a few "adult words" later, I have this awesome Halloween wreath.

And who doesn't love the "gift that keeps on giving", glitter!  Lots of it.

They look like their laughing don't they?  They are laughing at my burned finger tips.  Sadists.  ;)

And the crowning jewel, May Arts awesomeness.  Oh yeah.  The wreath is wrapped in faux canvas because it's just cool.

Be sure to head to the May Arts blog to see the line up for tomorrow.  And if you really want more Halloween inspiration, Paper Issues is hosting a Halloween Hootenany.

Happy Halloween!  Now I have a candy corn jello shot callin' my name!


May Arts Ribbon
Sheer  Ribbon Box Pleat (392-58-46)
3/4" Chevron Twill (382-34-10, 382-34-28)
1mm Mini Cording (449-47)
5/8" Faux Canvas (444-58-10)

Other Supplies:
Martha Stewart Glitter
Black Gesso
Straw Wreath Form
Plastic Skulls
Wood Letters
Hot Glue Gun