So AWESOME news about my friend DAWN!

So my friend Dawn is an up-and-comer in the scrapbooking world and she just got her FIRST featured artist spot!  And check this out.....IT'S ON AN INTERNATIONAL SITE!  How fuh-reaking cool is that??!!  I am totally excited for her.  She's also on the DT over at Paper Issues as well. 

She's being featured on the Artfull Crafts blog.  Artfull Crafts is a craft store in New Zealand.  They were so mesmerized by her work, they asked her they could feature her on their site.

Please show your love and your support and visit Artfull Crafts, Paper Issues, and her blog, Mojo Mayhem.  I am sure you will just love her whimsical and fun style.  Below is a sampling of some of her work.

Thanks for showing your support and love!