Ribbon Cutting Ceremony With May Arts

 How exciting!  Don't you just love it when you get something all shiny, pretty and new?  We are celebrating ::hiccup:: the unveiling of the new May Arts website!  See?  I've already started celebrating for...er...with, yeah, with you!

Now to celebrate the unveiling, we are kickin' the shindig off with a blog hop.  Not only do you get to see *my* fabulous li'l somthin' I whipped up, but you get to see the rest of the team's, both past and present, work.


As you know with May Arts and the Ribbon Lady, there is always a giveaway, and this one is BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS!  You get the point.  Let me put it to you this way.  The prizes available total over ::get your wine glasses ready:: $1000!!!!  Now chug!  Amazeballs right?  I have my pouty face on.  Can you tell?

Enough of the babble schmabble.  As Toby Keith put it, "Let's talk about meeeeeee!"  Here's my nifty little project.  The theme of this hop is "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" but we can interpret it however we want.  I took the more abstract road and interpreted it as an adventure.  I even very cleverly named project "Adventure"!  I'm deep.  I know.
Ooooooooh!  Aaaaaaaah!
 Now this is my first attempt at a canvas so I kept it small.  Less room for error(s) if ya know what I mean.  I used a bunch of products from our Partners In Craft.  Rather than bore you with all of those details, there's a full list at the end of my schpiel.

 Now that you are done ogling my handy work, be sure to head on over to Gini's blog for some more awesome ogling!  Don't forget to leave some love along the way.  We love reading your comments and let's be honest.  It makes us feel pretty darn awesome.  Of course, if you leave some love, that enters you in for some giveaway awesomeness.  
Supplies Used:
 May Arts Ribbon
Partners In Craft:
 Dreamweaver Stencils:  Translucent Embossing Paste, Metallic Effects (Poppy Pink), Stencil

Other Supplies Used:

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist:  Turquoise, Twinkle Yellow
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint: Light Gold
Liquitex Modeling Paste
Prima:  light bulb
Alpha Stamps:  Mushrooms, Crystal Spray
Handmade Halo (no longer in business): metal branch, butterfly