Que Bonita

I swear!  I should be just about finished with this wedding album!  LOL!  I didn't realize how many photos I have to do up for it.  But it is definitely a labor of nothing but love and I can't wait to give it to them.  It seems like the more I work on it, the better the pages get.  This last page was a miracle in itself.  Want to know why?  Because it literally took me a little of an hour to do from start to finish!  I love it when the creativity flows like Niagara Falls!

This page is the "after" photo when LiLi is all done up and on her way to the chapel!  I just love this photo.  She looks so happy, excited, beautiful...need I say more?

I kept the wedding's central color, purple.  But I just LOVED BoBunny's "Peacock Lane" for this album.  It keeps the album fun, fresh, and not too monochromatic.  It also matches LiLi's personality beautifully!  Some other cool stuff on there is the Punchinella.  I love this stuff!  It's instant "funky" in a snap!  No to mention, it also makes a super mask for paints!  Which I did on this page using Adirondack paint dabbers.

The blinging flourish was this monstrously huge swirl that I've had for YEARS.  I decided it's high time to use it...only I figured it would be easier to use if I hacked it up!  Once again, what is a wedding album without....FLOWERS!  Sooooo, thank you fallback Petaloo flowers (LOVE these!) and some fun rhinestones are an instant dress-me-up.

 Thanks for taking a looksie and leaving a bit of love on my latest page and I'm sure there will be several more posts showcasing this album.  I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!