Poppin' Pocket Scrappin'

Why hello Muses!  So as you may know, I've gotten into the whole pocket scrappin' trend and I gotta say.  I love it!  There really is so much you can do with it.  You can use cards from a kit or you can do what I did with my Gelli Plate, Art Anthology paints and mists, and some Viva Las VegaStamps and create your own cards.

Just look at this luscious spread I put together showing our trip up to Nago to see the cherry blossoms and visit the pineapple farm (and tasted some delicious pineapple wine!).

So much color and completely unique, making your own cards is fun and easy!

Pocket Spread (8)

I used Colorations mists and they are the bomb!  Combining Art Anthology, VLVS, and my Gelli Plate made making my own cards super easy, messy, and fun.

Pocket Spread (7)

Some Glorious, Plush, and that fun film strip stamp make these cards pizazz!
Pocket Spread (6)

Some more paint and inky fun but let’s throw the Bubbles stencil and that barbed wire background into the mix.  Oh heck!  Why not stamp with the checkerboard background too!

Pocket Spread (4)

I am totally hooked on making my own pocket scrapping cards and will absolutely show you as I create them.  It’s nearly impossible to make a mistake and it sure as heck takes a lot of pressure off for getting that “perfect” look.  I do hope you give it a try!