Pass Me the Bottle!

Who doesn't have a stash of bottles in their cabinet?!  The real question is whether they are empty!  Obviously, mine are empty.....::hiccup::   ::belch::

I have a stash of different bottles and jars in a cupboard somewhere. I have been meaning to do a project like this one but just haven’t had the oomph to get up and do it…..until now!  My next project for Basically Bare DEMANDED me to throw back the last shot in this bottle and glue some stuff to it, including ::drum roll::  some Gauche Alchemy wood grain punchinella.

I used an old bourbon bottle I had in my “stash” (snicker) to make this pretty decoration.

I simply wrapped portions of the bottle in a thin rope using my handy dandy hot glue gun.  In the blank section, I added some wood grain punchinella from Gauche Alchemy then went over it with a velvet and crochet trim from Maya Road.

The floral spray is sentimental to me.  My mom made a bunch of these and would put them on our Christmas tree!  Doesn’t look much like a Christmas decoration now, does it?  ;)  I love you, Mom!  Gotta show the mom love!  

The chipboard bird is another Basically Bare piece of awesomeness!  I love how EASY it was to heat emboss this little gem.  No scorching, no warping, no funny business.  LOVE IT!  I just painted over it using gesso then stamped it using my embossing ink.  Sprinkle some pretty sparkly gold embossing powder, zap it with a heat gun, and BLAM!  Done!  You now have a pretty little birdy that you can love, and hug, and pet and….oh.  Sorry.  ::blush::  I just love my bird!

I wanted to tie the colors and themes together, so I attached a Sassafras Lass brooch to the bird.

I even heat embossed the felt bird too!  But that did warp the felt a little bit and I was able to smooth it out again.   I tucked him into the top of the spray to add some balance.

Finish off the top of the bottle with some more velvet trim and a twill bow.  Now you have a pretty little bottle to use as a vase, a candle holder, or just leave as is.  So start collecting those old bottles and jars and see what you can do with them!  A little bottle, some rope, and some Basically Bare chipboard can go a long way in upcycling!