Not Your Regular "Lauderdale" and a Twisted Sketch!

When we hear "Lauderdale", we automatically think of Florida.  Now, whatever comes to mind when you think of Florida may be forever changed!  Basic Grey has released their amazing and vibrant "Lauderdale" line and your's truly got to get her little hands on it thanks to ACOT!  The bright colors and fun patterns allow for limitless possibilities for your projects.

A rather cool little note to add:  The only products I used that were NOT part of this line were inks and stickles, alphas, string and twine, some scrap fabric, a button, 3 rhinestones, and a little punchinella.  EVERYTHING else is solely from this line.  I did this to show how easy it is to have everything you need within a single product line and how to make these items work for you to their full potential!
I've used this wonderful line to make a variety of projects, some themed, some not.  So pack your bags and let's head on down to "Lauderdale" and bask in all of its vibrant glory!

For my first project, I decided to focus on a subject I very seldom use.  ME!  I have found that because these papers are so bright and busy, it is much easier to use black and white photos.  The contrast the photo adds against the paper is truly astounding and is a super easy trick to get the full potential from this line.  This first page is definitely one of my favorites.  You will find that the simplest of techniques and the most subtle of details speaks volumes with this line.  I let the papers and the embellishments do ALL of the work for me.  All I added was some Glimmer Mist splatter and some sewing around the edges.  The only "big" thing I did was make the flower from some scrap material I had.

The next photo is a close up of my flower I made.  The line I drew to cut along while cutting the strip of fabric was intentionally left to be seen.  I wanted to emphasize the title of this page.

This next page uses a fun (and cute) photo of Julia sporting Madi's fedora and is also the next sketch to go live at Twisted Sketches!  The twist this weeks was "shine".

I immediately thought of this photo as total "perfection" with these papers.  The photo is light and fun and so are the papers.  The mix of patterns made this page so much fun to put together.  It really is hard to do something "wrong".  A few of the cardstock stickers, some punchinella, and a title and this was done!

This page is a bit more subdued than the previous ones.  For those of you who like more simple color and patterns, then this is for you.  The photo is of my 2 oldest daughters.  I saw this picture and about wanted to cry!  They've grown so much since then and "then" was only 2 years ago!  Anyway, once again, I used black and white photos so as to not over-saturate the papers with a wash of color.  A few simple Walnut Ink splatters and minimal embellishment and voila!

Now for a shift in gears and focus.  To show you how much you can do with this line, I created a "lovey-dovey" card and a birthday card!  That's right!  BIRTHDAY!  How so??!!  Keep reading!
First up is the "lovey dovey" card.  The easiest thing to do is to let the paper and a "pops" do the work!  This card took about 5 minutes to put together.

Now for the BIRTHDAY card!  I used the patchwork paper and cut out the little boxes in different sized then added my own "bows".  Super easy!

I certainly hope you enjoyed these projects and that you feel inspired to try some of them!  Basic Grey lines can seem somewhat daunting at first, but once you get in there and just go for it, they are remarkably easy to work with.  Try not to overthink it and just fly by the seat of your Bermuda shorts!