Ngaire's To-Die-For Canvas & Another Gauche Give-Away!

We want YOU to do something for US.  You know.  A li'l quid pro quo.  You scratch our tattooed back and we massage yours!

Just go over the to Gauche Alchemy blog and snag one of our awesome, snarky, fun, politically incorrect, "way to stick it the man" blinkie!  Post that bad little gem onto your sidebar.  And don't forget to let us know that you did so we can go ogle our blinkie and leave you some love on the way!

Now of course, you guys are wondering about the important part.  "If I do this for you, what will YOU do for ME?" 

You hook us up, and we'll enter you for a chance to win one of the amazing mixed media color kits available in Gauche Alchemy's store.  And YOU get to pick which color!

Yellow Mixed Media Color Kit "Banana Hammock"

 These little kits are absolutely adorable!  And they are available in a slue, plethora, smorgasbord, gaggle, (aren't those words so fun?!) of colors.  

So, what are ya waiting for?!  Get on over to the Gauche Alchemy blog and grab a blinkie.  Oh! Wait!  Before you do that, grab a DIRRRRRTY Martini and check out Ngaire's amazing canvas!  I'm telling you, I don't know what I love most, the yoyo flowers, the textures, the colors!  I love it all!

Ngaire's Mixed Media Canvas

Ok.  NOW go over grab your blinkie and show Ngaire some loooooove!  Wait!  You forgot your martini!