My Newest Addiction!

Good morning!  So.  I have a new addiction!  I saw these amazing die cuts online before CHA and honestly, I wasn't that impressed by them.  That changed when I happened upon their booth at CHA and got to see them in the papery flesh.  Kanban Crafts.  These amazing die cuts are a thousand times more beautiful in person and they truly are innovative.

For those of you that like to do paper piecing and pop-up layers, don't you just hate that you have to one complete image for every layer you want to create?  You know.  So you can cut pieces here and there?  Well, these die cuts come already pieced out! 

You get a sheet that looks like this:

You can see that individual pieces that will make each layer as you build the card.  Some of these come in two sheet packages, like the one above.  You get a sheet with the die cuts and a piece of patterned paper to make you card.

All you do is punch them out and stick a pop dot onto it then layer away.  Of course, there is some level of common sense required but it's ridiculously easy to do.  They are simply "build-a-cards"!

Here is the card I built last night.  It took me all of maybe a half hour to do.  It's really hard to get a quality photo.  I apologize for the crap photo.  I really need a better camera!

I used some solid pink Bazzill cardstock from stash and chalked my "straight" edges to add some depth and dimension.  

The swirls and yellowish striping you see are actually gold foil.  The black placard at the bottom actually says "Happy Birthday".

Here's a close-up so that you can see the layers on this card. 

If you are a beginner cardmaker or a seasoned pro, I would highly recommend these to anyone.  These are great to have if you have that "Oh shit!  It's so-and-so's birthday!" and you need a quick card.  Of course, I plan on playing with these a lot more and tweaking things here and there to make them more signature to me and my style.  But either way, tweaker or not ::snicker "tweaker"::, these are super easy, super beautiful, and super fun to play with.