My First Pocket Style Page

Merry Christmas, Muses!!  Holy cow has it been one hell of a year!  So much so, I have completely neglected this blog and for that, I apologize.  However, I did not come back here just to share and apology!  No!  I actually have something to share with you!

I decided some time ago that I wanted to give pocket scrappin' a go.  After several months and a day-to-day-life change (see:  a job -_- ), I have finally finished one!  I even had dear, ol' hubs go with me just so I could get some fresh photos.  We decided to head to Kokusai Street because there is always something to see there.

What did we see?  Well, I'll share the best stuff in later posts but for now, here's my first pocket spread and I gotta say.  Not only am I hooked, I really love how it turned out.

Top photo is Kokusai Street.  Bottom photo is Makishi Public Market (and it's AWESOME!)

Here are a few more close ups!

 It's like each pocket is its own little mini canvas!

A li'l bit of sewing, a regular ol' arrow paper clip I picked up in the stationery section of the Aeon, some decorative masking tape, and of course, paint splatter is just what made this row perfect.  The hiragana at the bottom of the card reads "Kokusai".

What is a spread without a little bit of Art Anthology love?!  I used the Mermaid Dimensional Crystal paint over those awesomely awesome Thickers.  And why stop there?  I tried a little bit of crazy stitching with my machine.  You can see it peek-a-booing in red on the card.

 And voila!  There you (and I) have my first pocket scrappin' page!  I'm off to get more done!  It's like crack I tell ya!

Cheers!   ::twitch::