Meet "Tabitha" the Steampunk Santos Doll

Hello Muses!  I hope you are all doing well.  This project I have to share with you is a doozy!  It's one I've been working on a little bit at a time over the last several weeks.  I decided to try something very different and go with a full blown steampunk themed project. Meet Tabitha!  My daughter named her and I think the name works beautifully. Tabitha1copy-1Isn't she just gorgeous?  I used the Steampunk Santos Doll from Retro Cafe Art and just went to town!  I'll admit that I've had her stashed in away in a dark drawer for some time....until.....

Tabitha3-1 ....Sandra Evertson's Relics & Artifacts were brought into my world!  These little beauties are so much effing fun to play with.  Look at the doll's head!  Look familiar?  It's a Relic from Figureheads set.

Tabitha4-1But wait!  How did I get that wonderful droolworthy patina finish?!  There is an amazeballs paint system that my friend, Monica Downing, introduced me to and it's available via Retro Cafe Art as well as Sandra's store.  It's called VerDay and lemme tell ya.  It's over the moon amazing and soooooo stupidly easy to use.  Actually, it's how I achieved the oxidized metals look on the entire piece including the chains.

Her lovely body is simply done using collage.  Some old sheet music, a road map, and this really cool paper from an old @$$ book along with some Mod Podge and I had my bangin' bod.  Slap a stencil down and use the VerDay through it and you too can have  bangin' bod!

Wanna see what's under her skirt?  ::snort::

Tabitha2-1 It's where she keeps her heart!  ::giggle::  Ok, really.  Another fabulous Relic, this one from the Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I set.  This one is painted with some acrylic paint and I LIGHTLY dabbed some VerDay paint over the top.  Once the paint dried, I glued down my incredibly tedious and tiny watch gears using some E6000 glue and a toothpick.  I swear I'll be high and cross-eyed for a week!

Tabitha5-1You can really see the gorgeous patina on the base.  There's also a bit of stencil work there.

She is easily one of the best things I've cranked out to date and I may or may not have a little bit of a crush on her.  I keep creepy stalker guy staring at her.

Since I know some of you may want to try your hand with one of these dolls, I've listed my supplies below and linked them.  Knock yourselves out....but not with the E6000 glue.  I don't recommend that.


Supply List: Steampunk Santos Doll (Retro Cafe Art) Figureheads Relics & Artifacts (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson) Flaming Heart Ex Votos I Relics & Artifacts (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson) VerDay Paint System (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson) Chains (Tim Holtz, personal stash) Watch Gears (personal stash) Typewriter Key Bead (Oriental Trading Company) Seed Beads (personal stash) "love" Light Bulb (Prima) Metal Gear (Vintaj) Damask Stencil (Prima) Collage Papers (personal stash) Acrylic Paint (Liquitex) Gold Alcohol Ink (Ranger) Mod Podge E6000 Industrial Glue (Retro Cafe Art)