La Muerte Crown

Hello Muses!  Hey guess what?!  I have *another* finished project for you today!  I've been a crafting machine since the much awaited return of my mojo and I am loving every single moment of it.

Since I've already done a Halloween thing, let's change it up and do a Day of the Dead thing.  And this one won't disappoint!

I used another fabulous Regal Santos Crown from Retro Cafe Art as my base.  The shape of this one was just perfect for a La Muerte crown.

Gah!  How beautiful did this turn out?!  I love it.

See that wonderful skull?  It's a fantastic piece from Sandra Evertson's "Relics & Artifacts" line and they are glorious!  I want them all.  This particular skull comes from the "Ancient Soul" set, also available from Retro Cafe Art as well as Sandra's online shop.

Ok.  Let's be real here.  Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely suuuuuuuck when it comes to drawing.  This bad boy was done in one shot using a VERY permanent pen.  I gotta say that I impressed myself!  I did slap down a coat of gesso before I started my fingers crossed doodling.

Do you want to know the absolute best way to get gloriously colored flowers and blooms?  Purchase white flowers and spray those suckers yourself!  Seriously!  This fabulously vivid color was achieved by spraying plain ol' white roses from Wild Orchid Crafts with Dylusions spray in "Post Box Red" and "Lemon Zest".  Spray and then just let it bleeeeeeed together.  It's magic.  Top it off with some Viva Inka Gold paint.

Have some straight pins you don't know what to do with?  Tell them to shove it and then shove them! Stick in there so they are nice and secure and not sticking out through the backside of the crown.  We are going for a La Muerte look not a Pinhead look.

As for those fabulous skully beads, you can find awesome stuff if you dig around on ebay for a bit.

"But Chrissy!  What about that base?"  ::cue Megan Trainor::  Hey.  You know I'm all about that base and the best way to texturize a chipboard base like this is to heat emboss that suckah!  I used my ol' reliable embossing powders by Piccolo.  This one is "Vintage Black" and vintage is exactly what I was going for.

That lovely red border you see there is a wonderful thing called dresden and you neeeeeeds it in yo' life!  It's dainty, delicate, and kind of behaves like a really thick foil but it's not.  You can order it from Retro Cafe Art as well as Sandra Evertson's online shop.  I jazzed mine up a bit......ok not really.  I needed for it to go mo' bettah with the general color scheme and feel of the crown.  I busted out my Inka Gold adult finger paints (because that's what they are only cooler) and lightly brushed the surface of the dresden.

Add some cool beads you may have lying around and highlight the points of the crown (once again with your really cool finger paints) and you have a Day of the Dead crown that people would just, waaaait for iiiiiit,  *DIE* for!!  ::snort::

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderfully wicked Halloween!


Supply List:

Regal Santos Crown Style 1 (Retro Cafe Art)
Ancient Soul Relic Set (Retro Cafe Art)
Viva Inka Golds paints (Retro Cafe Art)
Red Dresden Fancy Scalloped Border (Retro Cafe Art)
Glass Beads (Oriental Trading Company)
Mulberry Roses (Wild Orchid Crafts)
Spray Inks (Dylusions)
Chain, Straight Pins, Skull Beads (from my stash)