"Just Keep Swimming" With Funky Fish!

Hello to all of my fellow artists and crafters out there!  I hope wherever you are, you are warm because it's COLD here in Okinawa!  I've been huddled inside crafting the day away and dreaming of the summertime. Judging by this next project I just finished, you'll agree with me.

Fish1-1Aren't they the cutest?!  I've never really, REALLY tried my hand with the whimsical but holy cow!  I do love how they turned out!  And the quote, I mean really.  How could anything else other than "Just keep swimming" be used?

The set is call "Fish Sticks Specimen" stand ups from Retro Cafe Art.  The cute li'l eyeballs came from the "Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I" Relics & Artifacts set.  This particular fish's eye is just painted in with black gesso and outlined using a fine tip journaling pen.

Fish2-1The next fish is unique.  She is also collaged using kits from Crowabout Studio and Tumblefish Studio.  But check out her eye!

Fish3-1See that sultry eye?  I used one of my old false eyelashes and actual eyeshadow to get the shading.  And I'm talking the goooood stuff.  Mama doesn't wear drugstore makeup.

Fish4-1 This li'l guy is all cherry blossomed out in some awesome paper from Crowabout Studio's "Textured Collage" paper pack.

Fish5-1 For the bases, I decided to infuse some true Okinawa into the project.  They are covered in Ryukyu glass.  This glass is blown by hand (or mouth) and it's style is unique to Okinawa.  Any pieces that are made that have imperfections or break, they are smashed into little bits and sold by the box full.

I just love the myriad of color!

Fish6-1I hope my fish inspire you to just keep swimming through this cold winter!  I'm ready for summer!


Supply List: Fish Stands (Retro Cafe Art) Eyeballs (Retro Cafe Art or Sandra Evertson) Papers "Celestial Journal Cards" (Tumblefish Studio) Papers "Textured Collage" (Crowabout Studio) Gesso (Liquitex) Acrylic Paint (Liquitex) Makeup (Urban Decay) Pen (Sharpie, ZIG) Glass (from my stash)