It's a Blogiversary!

Good morning everyone!  Wow!  I can't believe I've been away for so long.  I apologize and will try to get things back on track.

My two friends, Dawn, and Michelle, and I have decided to celebrate our blogs turning one by doing a mini hop of sorts.  After reading through my time warp, head back to Michelle's blog and there just might be a prize involved! Since this is a hop, you should've arrived here from Dawn's blog.  If not, jump back to Michelle's to start from the beginning.

On to the business at hand!  My little bloggity baby is growing up so fast!  This month, my blog turns one!  Wow!  It's crazy how far my blog, my writing comfort level, and my style have come.  I went from just trying this whole "blogging madness" out to actually relying on my blog to spread the word about art, crafts, and the joys of DIY gifting.  It really is amazing.

I'm thought doing a "compare and contrast" kind of thing would be fun.  Below is a page that I did 4 years ago.  Following that will be a page I did one year ago when I started this blog.  Then I'll share a more recent page.  It's absolutely CRAZY to see how we grow and learn....and all thanks to other blogs and vlogs!

Oh my gawd!  Look at this masterpiece!

LMAO!! Look at the ingenuity and the foam stickers!  I bet those are Jolee's!

Remember those "page templates"?  Yep.  I went there.  Oh look!  More Jolee's!

Here are some pages from a year ago.  I guess these aren't so bad!

I started experimenting with paint splatter and pattern layering.

And then I went through this layering everything page....kinda like the 80s!  More! More! More!

And now, we move forward to the here and now!

Oh ho we've grown!

And here's one that I haven't shared on here!  I made the flower from old cardboard and matted the whole shebang onto another piece of corrugated cardboard.

I've even learned to make my flowers and recycle!

Now that you have finished here, head back to Michelle's blog and let her know that you have finished our mini hop!  If you want brownie points, a gold start, an "atta boy", or just to check another amazingly AWESOME blog, swing on by Cassie's place and check out her to die for creations!