I'm Not a Policeman! I'm A Faery Princess!

Why helloooooooo Muses!!!  Holy schnikies it's been a while ::cue Staind::  Now that song is stuck in your head too!  As you can tell by the date of my last blog post here, I haven't exactly been keeping up with this thing like I should be for a few reasons.  Work started taking up literally ALL of my time.  I swear it was like being back on active duty again minus the MREs (...wait...nope...ate all kinds of fast food so same thing right?), deployments and standing duty!  Well, to make a long story short, I resigned from my job so that I can have my life back and go back to school.  And by "life" I mean *MY* time!

And check out what I have in store for you guys!  I bet you are wondering why the weirdo blog post title.  Have any of you seen "Kindergarten Cop" from waaaaaaay back in the day?  Remember the little girl who told Mr. Kimball (Arnold 'I'll Be Back' Schwartzenager), "I don't want to be a policeman!  I'm a princess!!"?  She was so cute and that particular line came to mind as I was working on THIS:

See??!!  What did I tell you!  When I come back, I come back with a bang!  I absolutely love how this piece turned out.  This is one of the fabulous Santos Crowns I ordered from Retro Cafe Art.

This is the flip side.  It's amazing what some paint, stamping, and heat embossing can do!

To get this texture-ific color fiesta, lay down a nice coat of gesso.  Once it dries, lay it down again.  Use a make up sponge to dab on a nice grassy and mossy green acrylic paint.  I used Liquitex paint.  Of course, once it dries stamp over it using any background stamp you like and a metallic gold ink pad.

Now how did I get that wonderful gritty look?  I used a "Shamrock Dream" embossing powder from Piccolo (sold by Sweet Stamps).  Just take your embossing ink pad and dab it over the crown.  Sprinkle some of that wonderful embossing powder over it using your fingers to move it around.  Hit with your heat tool then drop the mic because you are done!

For the flash of pink and blue, use what I call "finger paints for adults", or more professionally Inka Gold paint by Viva Decor.

Just look at all of that floral goodness!  Wanna know where I get my flowers and those really nifty pearl sprays?  I li'l ol' shop call Wild Orchid Crafts.  They have suuuuuch a huge selection.  Truth be told, these flowers were suppose to be for another project but oooooh well!  They were perfect for this one!

My spray inks received a workout with this project!  I used both of my go-to's, Heidi Swapp and Dylusions.  It's hard to see in the photo but there is such a slight yet beautiful shimmer goin' on here.  The leaves were sprayed and when they dried, I used my big-girl finger paints (Inka Golds) and brushed over them.

That amazingly awesome center piece is actually a big ol' pendant from a busted up necklace.  Truly trash to treasure!

Thank you guys for stopping by to take a gander at my Faery Princess crown.  Here's something for you.  This is the first crown in a series of 3 and not all 3 are faery themed!  I wonder what I have up my sleeve ::MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA::

If you are curious as to what I used, the supply list is below as well as links to where you can grab your own shwaaaag!


Supply List:

Santos Crown #3 (Retro Cafe Art)
Flowers, Leaves and Pearl Sprays (Wild Orchid Crafts)
Inka Gold Paints (Viva Decor)
Bead Strands (May Arts)
Embossing Powder (Piccolo)
Spray Inks (Heidi Swapp, Dylusions)
Paint (Liquitex)
Stamp Ink Pad (StazOn)
Embossing Ink (Ranger)
Rhinestone Pendant (personal stash)
Adhesive (Helmar 450 Quick Dry, hot glue gun)