"I'm a REAL Blog Now!"

Hi everyone!  So I have finally sat down and pounded, molded, deleted, and formatted this blog to finally look like a grown-up blog and not so "template-ish".  I suppose I could thank the lovely Miss Dawn Perkins for her "one-upping" method *snicker snicker*.  She sat down and tweaked with her's until it looked fabulous.  Of course, she just had to show me the fruits of her frustrated labor and I must say, it looked GREAT.

It was then that I realized that I have a scrapbooking-based blog and it really does NOT look "scrapbooker-ish" at all!  How do I expect others to take my artwork and hobby as seriously as I sometimes take it if my blog looks like a half-ass attempt?

With that said, I now unveil the new, improved, and grown up Memorable Pages!  *VOILA!* 

Shhhhh.....can you hear it?  It's saying, "I'm a REAL blog now!"