How To Use An Oversize Embellishment

Good morning Muses!  I hope you are all doing well!  If you are here from the GlobeCraft & Piccolo blog, then you must've seen my tutorial on how to put this little gem together.

Now I'm going to show you how to actually USE this piece on a card.  As you can tell from the markings on my (much used, abused, and never clean) cutting mat, this piece is approximately 5.5" tall.  That's a big honkin' embellishment.

The key to using over-sized elements is to keep everything else to a minimum.  Also, since the paper I used on the teapot is pretty busy, the background should be simple and neutral so as to not take away from the focal point, nor overwhelm the eye is too  much awesome.

I chose to use kraft paper with a darker brown matting.

Anything else you add needs to be understated and subtle.  For my sentiment, I used an epoxy sticker from "Cashmere Dame" and put it in a discreet spot.

Finally, to add that final "something", I used my brand new, nifty glittery hot glue sticks and added some glittery dots along the sides.  Once those cooled down, I called this card done!

Thanks for taking a look and if you haven't checked out how I put together the teapot, please head on over to the GlobeCraft blog and give it a read through.  It really is a lot simpler than it looks!