Halloween Decorations For the Ballah On A Budget!

Why hellooooo Muses!  You guys are getting a crafty overload from me this week!  Two posts?  Within days of one another?  I *must* be enjoying the heck out of my newfound free time.  You are correct!  I am!  I've been an artsy crafty machine this week and there's more coming!
So we know what October symbolizes.  HaLLoWEen!  It's time for parties, costumes, sugar ODs, maybe more than a few "ODs" from tasty libations.  In the rush and bustle, we often forget about decorating our own houses and I have just the remedy for you.  
I picked up a few inexpensive things at the base exchange and breathed some new life into them that makes them unique, fun, decorative and still functional!
Check out this broom!  I couldn't believe it was $4.99!  Add a large Halloween floral pick I snagged at our on-base craft store, some May Arts ribbon and you have THE cutest witch's broom around!
A simple witch’s hat turned Halloween Glam and a witch’s broom made all cute and shiiiiiiz.  This witch's hat was a pretty cool find in that it had a lacy veil attached to it.  Once again, stupid cheap and still functional!  
"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Deville!"  Check out the AFFORDABLE magic that was made in about an hour total time.
Cute, stylish, fun.  Everything a witch could look for in a "compact car"!
Who doesn’t love houndstooth?  Some orange ribbon to hide the unsightly stick from the spray and a fancy schmancy bow to finish it off makes this broom AAAAAAH(!!)-mazing!
That wonderful lacy goodness is the veil that came as part of the hat.  Just bunch it up, glue with some hot glue and fluff.  Instant glam!
Another really cute floral spray that I just glued to the hat adds a haunting yet sparkly look to an otherwise boring ol’ hat.  Just jazz it up with some rhinestone eyes!  "I put a speeelll on youuuu!"
Happy haunting!