Got Tape and A Makeover?

Hi all!  I hope everyone has been doing fantastic!  I apologize for being MIA for so long.  I've been busy trying to get all organized and schtuff.  As part of that whole makeover thing, I decided my laptop needed one.  I dove into my not-so-small container of tapes, both from Gauche Alchemy as well as local stores here on Okinawa, and decided to break them in.

I know you all have that basket of decorative tapes just beckoning be to used.  Here is a super easy and fairly quick project.  Cover your laptop!

Doesn't it look glorious?!

It really is as simple as:

1.  Pick tape.
2.  Tear a strip.
3.  Stick on!

I new what kind of color palette I wanted to use and just accented it with some neutrals like the Birds On A Wire and Newspaper Collage.  I love bold, bright colors and think it's one of the easiest mixes to work with.

Bold, beautiful color!

I absolutely love how this collaged motif came together.  To seal the deal, I slapped a coat of Mod Podge over the top and let it dry.  Now my laptop is uniquely mine and I did it all while enjoying the comfort of my couch.


Supply List:
Gauche Alchemy Decorative Tapes
MT Decorative Tapes
Mod Podge