"Get Inky"

Good morning twisted peeps!  Welcome to the May Arts day of the stupendous May Arts and Splash of Color "Get Inky" team up.  Whoa.  Now that was a mouthful.  There is a prize available if you just head on back to the May Arts blog and leave a comment.  It's pretty awesome prize.  Promise.

But you know, since you are here anyway, why don't grab yourself a bloody mary and kick off those painful work stiletto heals and enjoy the simple and neato little project I made.  If anything, it will make *me* feel better if you did. ;)

My youngest li'l ankle biter loves her hair bows.  She especially loves the ones *I* make her.  Of course, I paid her in ice cream for her to say that.  Ok.  Not really, but it has happened in the past.  It's not called "bribery".  It's called leverage.

Anyway, I digress.  (I've always wanted to say that!)  I used 2 of May Arts uber-fab eyelet trims (447-1-01, 447-58-01), layered them and did the simplest of all sewing stitches ever--the running stitch.  I am no sewing maven by any means so if I can whip this up, you can too.

I used my super sparkly Twinkling H2Os to paint the trims and added a cabochon to cover the ugly hole in the middle where my super fabulous stitching is.  Finish it off with a clip and you have yourself a fancy hairbow.

Nooooooow for that prize.  Head back to the May Arts blog and leave a comment.  You could win some of these fancy Twinkling H2Os and ALL *3* SPOOLS shown below.

Thanks for hanging out with me!

Supplies used:

May Arts Ribbon Eyelet Trim (447-1-01, 447-58-01)
Splash of Color Twinkling H2Os