Gauche Alchemy Birthday Bash!

Good morning, peeps!  Don't we all just love birthdays?  A sign of getting older, wiser, growing up, maturing.  Another year that has gone by.  Another year to self reflect and make promises about self improvement.  BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah right!  We love birthdays because it's another reason to PARTAY our fun-loving asses off!  And that's exactly what we are doing over at Gauche Alchemy!

Effing fantastic banner made by Maggi!  ::DROOL::

That's right!  It's Gauche's B-Day and YOU are going to score!  And talk about the Gauchey Goddesses being easy!  You can score in multiple ways!  Facebook, Twitter, the Bloggity (giggity!) OH MY!  It's a 3-way!  (snicker)

There's already one awesome facebook giveaway going on.  Buuuuuut, you're gonna have to go check it out yourself!  It involves whips, strawberries, and PUNCHINELLA.  Ok.  Just kidding about the whips and strawberries....or am I?  Hmmmmm....   ;)

For those that aren't in the know about what Punchinella is!

But the biggy, the "oh day-yum", the "OMG!  I need a smoke and a drink after seeing that!" giveaway just started TODAY!  YOU, yep, you read that correctly, YOU guys have a chance to win a FREE 3 month subscription to receive the uber-exclusive ACME kit!  This kit is ONLY available through subscription and it's going to be given out for free!  And who says we don't like things that come easy??!!  Pfffffft.  Whatever!  Wanna see it in it's full glory?  Ok!

Oh but wait!  There's more!  (cheesy infomercial right?!)  This is also part of the kit!

Shut the motherlovin' front door!  That too?!  Oh yeah.  It's a kit that's so crammed with goodness that you'll just want to roll in it, dress in it, caress it, and eventually glue it!

So after seeing those pics and reading about all the hooplah, aren't you all just-a floatin'?  Get your keesters over to the BLOG (oh, while you're there, grab one of our uber-Gauche, only the cool kids have these, blinkies!  You just never knooooow....just sayin'!), like our FACEBOOK page and if you have a Twitter, start following us there too!  There are giveaways exclusive to each ::ahem:: venue.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL READING THIS??!!  Have fun, get creatin' and lets see some sass, some snark, and some gauche awesomeness!