Frugal + Creativity = SAVINGS OUT THE (you know what!)

We all know that scrapbooking can be a rather expensive hobby.  It does take a commitment not only on a "time" scale, but on a financial scale as well.  If there's one thing I've learned, is to be creative on where I buy supplies and what I can use as an embellishment.  I've become very good at being "nontraditional".  My neighbor, Michelle, is also a wonderful friend of mine.  And she SCORED BIG at an unlikely location.  While, the location may not be so "WOWZAHS!", what she got is!

These little treasures, she picked up in the clearance bin at WalMart.  Here's the non-traditional part:  They are CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!  The sprigs are meant to be twisted onto Christmas tree branches.  The mittens and "no peeking" things are gift tags and the snowflakes are suppose to be used to decorate stockings!  The grand total:  $2.25 for the whole lot.  At full price, it would've cost:  $12.00!  Can you believe that??!!  Talk about savings!

Just because they are "Christmas" decorations, does not mean they have to be used on a Christmas-themed page.  Check out these little gems:

These were marked down at Micheal's in the floral section.  They are actually used for floral arrangements and wreaths.  The regular price for these lovely sprigs are $0.59 each.  I picked up 2 each (and you can tell that I've already started using them....) for the amazing price of $0.11 each!  Another steal!  Back to my original statement:  Just because they are labeled as "Christmas" doesn't mean that you have to use them for something Christmas-y.  The big holly leaves I plan to use on Halloween pages (they're the perfect colors and they look kind of spider-webby)!  I tucked some fern leaves into flower arrangements on a page like the example below:

Now for my last item:  tags!  If you get those cute little gift tags or cards on a gift, KEEP THEM!  I have a stash that my sister attached to the kids' Christmas presents she sent.  And they are ADORABLE!

I know it's hard to see the details, but they are all layered cardstock and the snow globe tag is actually a snow globe!  I plan on using these on pages and cards.  Grand total for these:  FREE!

With a little creativity and thinking out of the box, you'll surprise yourself at what you can find and use.  Try to think outside of "labels" and let your imagination run.  Good luck and happy hunting!