Favorite Recent Projects and A Tutorial!

Well hello strangers!  I know, I know.  ::cue Staind::  It's been a while!  You know you totally sang that in your head. I hope everyone has been doing well and gearing up for summer.  I know I have been so busy lately that it's amazing I remember to put my pants on in the morning.  I've been getting the kids ready for summer, cleaning house, entertaining company and I'm back to school!  I must say that I love being busy though.  I hate boredom.  HAAAATE it.

So, how about we get down to business shall we?  Lately, I haven't been making much, but when I do make something, I have LOOOOOOVED it.  I have been going for the quality over quantity with my projects and it's very satisfying.  (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)  I recently decided to raid my stash o' bottles and altered one of them as a gift that I have yet to mail off.

Altered bottle

I spent about 4 hours doing this one, if you can believe that.  I have this HUGE roll of jute and some gorgeous May Arts velvet and crochet trim.  I wrapped the jute around sections of the bottle and used the May Arts trim in between.  An old floral sprig that my mom made when I was about 12 (no lie!), embossed chipboard birds, and a Sass Lass brooch finish it off.

Another one of my more pleasing projects lately is a bit sentimental.  I put together a mini album that I plan on giving to my oldest daughter, Madi, when she goes to high school in a couple years.  I  am going to write notes, letters, and words of wisdom and tuck them into the pockets and envelopes in the mini.

For You mini album

This mini was so much fun because I love playing with color, pattern and texture.  I used everything from lace to May Arts trims and even made my own cabochons throughout.  I think Madi will truly love and appreciate this when I give it to her.

Now for the whopper!  This is a wreath I made for an old friend of mine.  And yes!  There is a tutorial to go with it!  Yay!! I love this wreath so much, that I think I'm going to have to make one for me.

Fluffy Wreath

Now how on earth did I make this?  It's ridiculously easy.  I can't say it's not time consuming because it is.  It took me about 14 hours from start to finish to put this together.

Here's what you'll need:

Wreath form
Large scallop circle punch
Wrapping paper or paper of your choice (I used 2 different wrapping papers)
Hot glue gun with glue sticks (several glue sticks)
Ribbon or trim of your choosing (I used a gorgeous birlap trim from May Arts)
Embellishments (I used wood stars from Joann's, Blue Moon chain, acrylic paint, and Crackle Accents)

Main Supplies (I didn't end up using the blue/ivory ribbon.)

Step 1:

Punch your circles.

Be sure to punch batches of them.  I ended up using one full roll of the gingham wrapping paper and half of a roll of the gold star paper.

Step 2:
Make your flower.  Start by pushing down the center of the circle and gathering it together and pinching it.

Push center of circle

Gather and pinch

Step 3:
Glue flower onto your wreath form using your glue gun.

You'll want to make a cluster of one paper.  Then when you are happy with your cluster size, you can add the second paper in.  I did mine mostly gingham with stars peekabooing throughout the wreath.

Cluster of gingham flowers
Cluster with gold star paper added

As the cluster grows, you'll see your design start to take shape.

Oh how they grow so fast!  ;)

Keep adding your flowers until your wreath is covered.


Fluffiness achieved!

Step 4:
Once you have completely covered your wreath form, you'll need to cut your trim into strips.  Mine are cut into 12" strips because that is what worked for me and the size of my wreath.

Step 5:
You want wrap them around your wreath form.  Now, I was in my groove and didn't realize until after I had finished this step that I didn't take the pictures.  Doh!  FACEPALM!  But I do have a finished picture of this step.  Yay!

Step 6:
Now comes the fun part.  EMBELLISH!  I took my stars and painted them and added Crackle Accents to the red and blue stars.  I also painted some of the smaller stars white and glued them to my burlap strips.  Once the paint dried on my layered stars, I glued my chain to them and attached them to the wreath.

Oh my stars!

Step 7:
This is probably the most important step of all.  Sit back and admire!

Oooooh!  Aaaaaaah!

I hope you've enjoyed this not-so-little tutorial and if you decide to take the plunge and make one of these, let me know!  I would love to see it and leave you some love!


Ribbons and Trims (May Arts)
PV-34-06 (Green Velvet: Mini Album)
PV-34-25 (Red Velvet: Mini Album)
QN08 (Black Twill: Mini Album)
QN09 (Cream Twill: Bottle)
372-1-33 (Brown Velvet Crochet: Bottle)
408-05-10 (Burlap Trim: Wreath)