Exponential Potential!

Who says what's trash and what's not!  I say, "Pish posh!"  Today, I decided to tackle my 3 year old's room.  Now, she's not crazy messy or anything, but sometimes her room gets a bit out of control.

Lately, she's taken a shine to getting into the board game cabinet and playing with the pieces.  "LIFE" is missing all of the plastic cars.  "Animalopoly" has been blessed with its long-lost hippo piece.  "BOGGLE", well, you'll see what I have left of that one.  And then there's "Texas Hold 'Em Yahtzee", the treasure trove of my newly discovered stash o' dice.

I saw these random dice in my daughter's room and had initially thrown them into a trash bag.  And then I had my epiphany.  "What in the hell am I doing?!  These are items with exponential potential!  I have big plans for these li'l guys!" I dug them out of the bag and stuffed them into my pocket.  After getting Julia's room back into some semblance that a human child lives there and not a hybrid of a pig and monkey, I looked at my new found "finds".

This is what remains of "Boggle" which I had mentioned earlier.  How cool are these?  The "Hold 'Em Yahtzee" dice look so retro with their cool colors and rounded corners!  The "Boggle" dice, who knows, but aren't they cool anyway?!

I honestly have no idea what my earlier mentioned "big plans" are but who cares?? These are items with exponential potential!  I just love my new little "preciousessss"!

I can't wait to inventory some other games.  I have plans for certain "Monopoly" and "Sorry!" pawns and gameboards!