Day of the Dead

Good morning everyone!  I hope all of you had a spectacular Halloween!  And now that Halloween is over, it's time for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead!  Here is a cool link for the history and traditions behind Dia de los Muertos.

One of the biggest decorations for this holiday is the "Sugar Skull".  I'm sure many of you know what I am referring to, but in case you don't, here's a cool picture of what one looks like.

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I have always been a fan of Day of the Dead and I finally got my chance, thanks to Gauche Alchemy's awesomeness,  to create a fun little "Shrine in a Box" using a regular Altoids tin! This little shrine was inspired by the wonderfully talented, Marie Ramirez.  I loved how she did hers and I wanted to try my hand at one as well.

Before I show you the finished project, here's a couple things to give you a bit of perspective.  I ordered the little skulliez and glass beads from Oriental Trading Company.  I decorated my skulls using regular fine tip Sharpie pens.

Decorated Skulliez!

It's easiest to keep the design really simple.  The reason being, these beads are SMALL!  To give an idea of how small they are, check out this pic!

Holy Tiny Skulliez, Muertos Man!

And I have TINY nailbeds too!  So yeah....lots of simple dots for decorations!

When you add them to your tin and jazz up the inside with some awesome Punchinella, here's what you end up with.

"Why sure!  I have a "mint" you can have! ::wink::"

I just cut some black cardstock and stuck it up in there.  I strung together my glass beads and hung them kind of like a banner or a string of lights.  The Punchinella just adds a nice flash of color and "OOoooOOooo shiny!" to it.

I almost wish they would start singing or something!

 The two little skulliez are hung from the top using twine and with care (read like "Night Before Christmas").  Their li'l podiums are made from micro-mini wood spools and milk jug wood thingies from Michael's.  I just glued them and painted them.  As for my skulliez little sombreros are rosette cabochons from Michael's.  I only say "sombreros" because after I glued them on, it looks like they are wearing sombreros!

My little flowery charm lookin' things I've had for A G E S and finally used them!

And there you have it!  Super easy and super fun.  I did not alter the outside of the tin because I like the idea of something not being what it appears to be.  MUAHAHAHAHA!