Art Anthology and Art Education Month

Good day Muses!  Did you know that March is art education month?  Have you stopped to wonder what this world would be like without art?  How does art help the community?  How does art help our children learn in school?  What does art teach our kids?

Mini Album 3

My project is up and live on the Art Anthology blog and I linked it up at Paper Issues for the "Paint By Numbers" issue.  This project is rather unique in that I asked my kids to contribute to it.  I asked each kid to decorate a page in anyway they wanted with the exception of my oldest, Madison.  Her art of choice is poetry.

As they worked on their pages, I thought about what they learn from art.  The results of these two ideas resulted in what I call an unexpected “2-fer”. I inadvertently ended up with two mini albums in one.  One side features the kids' artwork, the other is what they've learned by studying and making art.

Take a look and view a different perspective.  After all, the EARTH without ART is just…

Mini Album 1
An unexpected delight....

Mini Album 2

What does art teach our kids?  Art teaches perspective, tolerance, creativity, and imagination.

Mini Album 4