Another Bit O' Change

Remember yesterday how I said change can be a good thing?  I guess it's safe to say that another "change" has happened today.  No worries, my little pretties!  It's a good kind of change; my kind of change.

A darling and wonderful person extended me an invitation to join her amazingly talented team.  Many of you are familiar with Paper Issues and it's MAHVELOUS HMFIC (Head Mutha F'er In Charge, but in this case, we can change "head" to "HAWT"), Cassie,  I was so flabbergasted (that is such a FUN word) when she asked.  I was so worried that if I accepted, I would be over-extending myself.  But once I figured out how she runs her totally awesomely laid back site, I couldn't resist! 

I can't wait to start work with this amazingly astounding pool of talent.  Thanks for letting me share this little bit of news. 

We will now resume our regularly scheduled program....