A Sweet Summer Topiary Tutorial

Good afternoon!  I am totally diggin' the summertime and the sunshine.  Another thing to dig about the sunny summer, COLOR!  Who doesn't love a splash of fun color here and there?

As some of you know, I've been on a roll doing "first time" projects and things that are off the paper.  With that said, here's another "first time" project as well as tutorial on how to do it.  This is a ribbon topiary and honestly, I was intimidated at first.  But once I started doing it, I couldn't believe how EASY it was to do!  It's definitely a project you can sit down and bang out in a day.

A Sweet Summer Topiary

Wanna know how to make something like this?  Lucky you because I have a tutorial right down there!  And here we gooooooooo!

Here's what you'll need for the actual topiary.  There is a separate section for the filler.

4 yards of each of the following May Arts Ribbon
   * 1.5" Teal Polka Dot Sheer (345-15)
   * 1.5" Pink Satin/Center Band Ribbon (337-73)
   * 5/8" Satin/Grosgrain Ribbon (373-58-27)
   * 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon (SX10)
Tulle (I used turquoise and purple glittery tulle)
Topiary form
Straight pins
Pail, pot, basket, or something to put your finished topiary in

Supplies for topiary

Filler Supplies:

Tissue Paper (I used generic tissue paper and Pink Paislee's tissue paper from the "Soiree" line.)
Acrylic Paint (I used white.)
Strand of beads (I recycled some party beads that are dice shaped.)
Hot glue gun

Step 1:

First, and I learned this the hard way, you'll want to paint the dowel whatever color you want.  I waited until mine was completed and was able to paint it just fine.  But it'll be easier if you just get this step done first.  Next thing you're going to do is to cut your ribbon into 4" or 5" strips.  I used 4" strips for mine.

Step 2:

Next, form a loop with one strip of ribbon like shown in the photo.  Pardon my desperate need for a manicure and a fill.  ;)

Gettin' loopy!  

Step 3:

Using a straight pin, stick the loop to the topiary form.  I highly recommend using straight pins over glue because you WILL rearrange and move loops as you work on this project. 

Step 4:

Become a pinning fool (and not in a Pinterest kind of way)!  Start pinning your loops around your topiary form.  Feel free to move and rearrange your loops to achieve the look you imagine as well as a good color balance.

Some much pinning!

Step 5:

Now it's time to start adding tulle "flares".  Cut a strip of tulle.  Don't worry about cutting it all straight and pretty.  It's not going to matter.

Step 6:

Take another straight pin and run it through the tulle like you are doing a running stitch with a needle.

Step 7:

Pin that awesome little "flare" to the topiary.  If the tulle flares are too long, just take scissors and snip the ends until you are happy with it.

Step 8:

Keep pinning loops and flares until you've covered the whole foam ball.

Step 9:

Now we are moving onto the filler.  Arrange your tissue paper however you like inside your pail.  When you are happy with the arrangement, go ahead and glue it down.

Next, you can glue your strand of beads onto the dowel then glue the topiary into the pail where your tissue paper is.

Once you have your warm and fuzzy feeling with your arrangement, cut your tulle into squares and tuck them in between the layers of tissue paper.

Fillin' and Stuffin'

And that is all there is to it!  It's very easy to get this done in one sitting.  I broke mine up into two so I could be sure to keep a fresh eye.

I really loved making this for my youngest daughter's room.  My older two daughters want one now!  And I already have the ideas and color schemes for both.  They made it easy and picked out their colors.

Have fun and if you make one, let me know so I can come check it out!