A Sentimental Mini

Good evening folks! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a long weekend.  I know I am and I have a busy weekend coming up, so I'm going to go ahead and share this project with all of you.

Even though I am part of the Art Assembly team for Basically Bare, I sometimes like to step away from that spot and do something else.  For this next project, I did a mini album using the Tilly's Tabs mixed media album.  Since it's a mixed media album, what better paper to use than Christy Tomlinson's "She Art" and some embellishments from Gauche Alchemy and May Arts!

I made this album for my oldest daughter, Madi.  She is finishing up her first year of middle school in a couple weeks and before I know it, she'll be off to high school.  I plan on adding a few notes and a letter to this mini and giving it to her before she starts her freshman year.

Inside, it contains pictures of her, sentiments, and some mom advice essentially telling her to always stay true to herself no matter what and to just embrace and enjoy life.

I wanted to keep the album's appearance and styling true to Madi's personality.  She's very smart, eclectic, independent, girly, and zany.  She's very much her own person and doesn't give a rat's patooty what anyone else says or thinks of her.  She makes me proud!

Lace cover from Gauche Alchemy and bow from May Arts

I peeled off the top layer of paper to expose the corrugated board underneath.  I applied some gesso, glimmer glam and a piece of lace over the top.

Pennants are covered with washi tape

 To dress up chipboard, just slap some washi tape down on it.  For a simple background, dip a paint cap in paint then use it as a stamp.

Cabochon made using polymer clay and MoldMuse silicone molds

To keep with the eclectic mix of this album, I used to different patterns and color schemes.  I unified them with some May Arts deliciousness and Thickers in complementary colors. 

Another cabochon using the Lolita mold from MoldMuse

When mixing patterns and colors, keep the embellishments simple and minimal.  I used a Lolita cameo I made using a MoldMuse silicone mold and a Sassafras Lass cardstock sticker to keep the colors unified.

Some PVC Punchinella eye candy

A simple grid PVC Punchinella piece is all this page needs!

I used my Ranger mask with some acrylic paint to decorate the long envelope in the album.  I plan on writing a letter and slipping it in before giving the album to Madi.

Use bits and bobs from a Gauche Alchemy Color Kit to make your own clasp to hold the envelope closed.

Who doesn't love "Joe Dirt"?

The quote is from "Joe Dirt" and I think it's spot on.  Life's a garden so dig in!

What can I say?  I want her to soar above the clouds.

The last page is left blank so I can add another quote if I come across a fitting one or another little note.

I'm sure Madi will love and appreciate this little book.  I'm torn between looking forward to giving it to her and not wanting that time to come too quickly, though I know it will.

Thanks for taking a look!