A Quick Wreath

We are now officially into the Fall season and my favorite time of the year!  I love Halloween!  The decorations, spookiness, macabre, and the best part, the kiddos all decked out in their Halloween best make me giddy with excitement.

Right now, I have a super duper quick, easy, and inexpensive way to throw together a spooktacular wreath for your door.

All you need is a wreath from any craft store, a bag of plastic spider rings, a little skeleton, a couple rhinestones for his eyes, and your handy hot glue gun.  I picked up all of my supplies from Walmart. 

I'm sure it's very easy to see how I put this together.  Simply arrange your skelly and spiders the way you want and zap 'em with the glue gun. 

Even Skelly dude is amazed at the ease of this project!

Presto chango and all it took was 10 minutes!