A Phone Case Extreme Makeover!

Good day, Muses!!!  I have a quick question for you.  Do and of you have an old, used up, washed out, phone case lying around but you just don’t want to pull the trigger on a new one?  Do you have a "plain Jane" phone case that needs some pizzazz?   I have the perfect solution!  Bust out some paint, and stencils and ALTER IT!


Good laaaaawd!!  Look at all of that color and texture!  Did I mention Art Anthology is perfect for use on leather?  I'm hard on my phones and have been using this case for a couple weeks now and it still looks brand new.


The full monty, front and back!  Just look at all of that texture and color!!


Talk about baby got back!


This is easily one of the coolest projects I’ve done and I can’t stop staring at it.  Give your phone case an extreme makeover!