A Nice Little Boost

So, something interesting, strange, and nice happened earlier this month.  At the beginning of January, I was messing around on my blog and leaving comments on some other blogs I follow.  I came back to my blog to tweak it a bit more and all of the sudden, my blog was GONE.  That's right.  GONE.

I tried everything I could on this end, including having a "heart attack" because all of that work was gone.  None of my pictures were backed up on the desk top computer, as that was the computer I was working on at the time because the ol' lappy was in the shop.

I was angry, sad, fearful, and to put it mildly, FREAKING THE HELLZ OUT!  So, I did what any of us do in a moment of true blogger crisis.  I called one of my closest friends, Jess, and ranted, raved, cussed, cried.  Yep.  I cried.

Photo Credit:  http://articles.businessinsider.com

Once I had my composure somewhat gathered, I jumped onto the help forums and posted my "concern".  Well, we'll skip all of the blah blah blahs and just say that finally, my blog was reinstated and up and running.  (It was a really weird incident that I still don't get.)  But whatever.

Turns out that one of people helping me really liked my li'l ol' blog and started following it.  The next thing I knew, I was featured on Blogs of Note and  BOOOOOM!  My traffic exploded!  I went from about 70 followers to over 400 and still getting some new traffic.

Photo Credit:  http://www.wordans.us

I guess this is my thank you to Linda over at Blogs of Note.  Thank you for featuring my blog!

Photo Credit:  http://www.followuppostcards.com/