A New Love..and a HUGE Giveaway **WINNER**

Edited to add the winner:  Congratulations to HeatherLynn, who commented on Frank's blog, on winning the huge Basically Bare giveaway! 

Wow.  Spring is in the air early this year.  The flowers are blossoming.  The bees are buzzing.  And loooooove is in the air!

I have found a new love.  ::cue overly dramatic audience gasp::  Whaaa?!  Huh?!  But aren't you happily....?  BAHAHAHA!! YES!  Relax!  It's not that kind of new love.  This is a new paper, canvas, felt, chipboard, mixed media-sreamin', kind of love.  Two words.  BASICALLY BARE.

I had heard of this company last year and have been stalking..uh...drooling over...uh....eying them ever since.  Anyone who knows me and the type of projects I gravitate toward would totally get where I'm coming from.  I love a fun mini album or an eclectic piece of altered art.  Basically Bare has come along at THE PERFECT time where mixed media is becoming more and more mainstream and user friendly.

If you aren't familiar with what Basically Bare offers, they offer raw chipboard, canvas, and felt embellishments, mini albums, and mixed media mini albums.  They just SCREEEEEAM to be painted, gesso'd, inked, rubbed, waxed, and any other medium you can slather on.

I was browsing their stuff and oh my heck.  I was overwhelmed with the possibilities that came rushing into my head.  It was almost like being hit with a creative freight train!

For example, can you picture their Polly Pockets mini album all distressed?  Add a layer of some gesso, a fine coat of beeswax with some sequins or beads embedded in it.  Some delicate lace, some ragged stitching.  A nice romantic photo of you and your honey.  Tuck an old love letter from that special someone  into the pocket.  I can totally see this beauty all done up in grungy romantce and use it as my little art journal to document the first year my hubs and I were together.  ::le sigh::

Polly Pockets is just screaming to be "loooved" on.

Ok.  So you may not be a hopeless romantic like I am.  That's cool too.  But can you picture a fun summery album showing little glimpses into a fun summer bbq or party?  Using some bright, fun, and festive colors, some crepe paper streamers rolled into flowers, some glitter, bold and colorful photos, fun paint splatters, the Wonky Windows album would be perfect to document a fun and carefree summer day.  And that's not the only idea that occurred to me using this album! 

Take a peek into our carefree summer!

Even I can appreciate sitting down and doing a scrapbook page, or making a card.  Heck!  I just like sitting down and taking a chipboard embellishment and trying different technique on it.  I'm always down for a little play time!

When I saw the Sew Vintage chipboard embellies, the ideas of what I could do those beauties flowed one after another.  I can see these painted black, then add a fine layer of crackle accents and iridescent gold glimmer mist for that old Singer machine look.  I see them paper collaged using old sewing patterns.  How about a really cool filigree rhinestone brad as the hinge point on those scissors after you distress them, paint them, and wrap the finger holes in a fine gold thread?  Be still my heart.  Be still.  ::fanning face and clutching my pearls::

SEW screaming to be crackles, painted, bees waxed, and soooo much more!

I had originally planned on doing just 3 project ideas but I just can't shake these large pennants out of my head!  I just made a mini shadowbox type thing and these would look AWESOME as a banner across one of the cubbies or even across the whole thing!  I see them misted and painted with some ragged stitching and loose thread ends hanging off.  I would attach some small crystal beads to the loose thread ends and in between each pennant for the extra carefree and whimsical touch that I am so fond of.

Whimsy me away?!  OF COURSE!

I sit here typing and letting these ideas flow and more ideas are popping into my head!  Ack!  It's amazing how amazing these bare products are.  I love how fully customizable they are.  Whether you are the clean & simple girl or the eclectic gal, I'm almost positive you can find a way to use these things in your way.  LOVE IT!

Of course, what's a post chock full of inspiring ideas without the possibility of winning this awesomeness??!!  ::GASP::  What's that you say??!!  WINNING SOMETHING??!!  Why yes!

Be sure to leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST and you could win a ginormous prize.  Basically Bare is going to choose one commenter to win some Basically Bare products including...wait for it...THEIR ENTIRE CHA-WINTER LINE!  Holy Heck!!!  Holy Shnikies!!   Holy (other words that I can't say here)!

You have until March 15th to comment.  The winner will be chosen by Basically Bare the following day.

Good luck and have fun!