A New Deal With Paper Issues

So, I guess we'll cut right to the chase here.  Cassie, who owns and runs Paper Issues has rolled out a new plan.  And because Cassie is, well, BAD ASS, everyone who reads my blog gets to use this code for their orders through Paper Issues!  That's right!  EVERY. ONE.

But wait!  ::cue 3am infomercial voice::  There's MORE!  This is for EVERY TIME YOU ORDER!  That's right!  It doesn't expire.  It doesn't run out of uses.  You can use it for savings on every single order.  How much savings?  How does 20% off of your order sound?! That's like a permanent sale! 

Photo Source:  http://thenoisemadebypeople.wordpress.com

Because this BADASSERY at its finest and from a bad-ass person, it only makes sense that the code you would use to take advantage of these savings is, well, BADASSERY.  Punch that code in at checkout in the "coupon code" box at the Paper Issues store and your discount will be automatically applied.

Go take advantage and don't forget:  BADASSERY