A Journal To "Grow" In

Hello Muses! I'm up on the Basically Bare blog with this nifty, awesome, cool, awesome, perfectly sized, awesome art journal!  Did I mention it's awesome? ;)

Lately, I’ve been wanting to spread my wings, dig into my stash, and get messy.  With that in mind, of course I grabbed my Basically Bare Art Journal, some paints and my Gelli plate and got messy!  I've had my Gelli plate for some time and found it buried in a drawer.  I decided this was the perfect time to put some miles on it.

I am always intimidated by a huge, ginormous, blank "canvas" and end up blanking out, saying, "Eff it!", and putting the journal away.......clean.  The coolest thing about the Basically Bare art journal (besides the kick butt WATERCOLOR PAPER pages!!!!) is the 5x7 size.  It's not too big, not too small and let's be honest.  SIZE MATTERS!  ::snicker::

Oh yeah!  I mentioned WATERCOLOR PAPER pages.  (Can you hear the dramatic echo??!!)  Besides these pages being perfect for, um, duh, watercolor paint, they are perfect for any wet medium you use.  Thick, sumptuous, delicious....oh....um....yeah.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  They hold paints, gels, stamping, and any other ink or paint without warping and without bleed through.  I hate bleed through.  I'm sure you do too.

BB Art Journal (4)

I used a mix of acrylic paints as well as Art Anthology Sorbets and Velvets (all wet mediums!).  It’s hard to see in this photo, but there is a nice shimmer over the entire page.  I piled on my layers using a Gelli plate and a brayer and let the layers dry between applications.  The drying prevents the colors from becoming muddy and looking like something you'd find a baby's diaper.  (Eeeeew....unless you are going for the baby poo look.... o.O )

BB Art Journal (8)

The coolest thing about this page are the yellow circles.  I used a totally unoriginal idea to create them.  Take the paint cap to whatever color you are using and use it as a stamp.  Voila!  Instead artsy fartsy circles.  Add some doodling in your circles and they go from "artsy fartsy" to "artsy fartsy hipster I-was-cool-before-cool-was-cool" circles.

BB Art Journal (7)

A nice little quote from Professor Dumbledore himself layered over some Art Anthology Sorbet in Imperial and a stencil  finish of the page perfectly!  I totally thing my patronus is a messy art journal.  Totally.

Since my creative juices were flowing, I decided to put together the cover to to my journal because what's an inspiring book without an inspiring cover?  It's okay.  We all judge books by their covers.

BB Art Journal (1)

“Grow”.  I want this journal to document my growth creatively.  Once again, I busted out my Art Anthology Colorations sprays and my newest favorite paint medium, Stone Effects.  I love how soft the colors are.  They just meld together so beautifully.  And my peek a boo fairy is just awesome in all of her whimsical glory.  She's owning that page and she knows it.

BB Art Journal (3)

The cool thing about journaling is that it’s a great way to make the old new again.  I dug DEEP into my stash and found some ancient flowers, some of which I sprayed with some more Colorations. 

You can also see how beautifully the Stone Effects paint absorbed the Colorations spray in the harlequin background.  I loved that because it colored itself and I didn't even have to worry about messing it up!  I absolutely love it when the work does the work for you. 

BB Art Journal (2)

And what's a journal without some stamping?!  I busted out my Unity SMAK stamps and went to work.  The "grow" was heat embossed because I was in an all crafty and stashy-diggin' mood.  Why not bust out that old and make it all new again?  Oh.  And get yourself this art journal!  Seriously.


Supply List
Basically Bare Art Journal
Art Anthology Sorbet: Imperial, Outrageous Orange, Frost
Art Anthology Velvet: Fiesta
Art Anthology Colorations:  Juicy, Heart, Plush, Glorious, Waimea
The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils
Liquitex Basics Paint
Dylusions Stamps
Unity Stamps
StazOn Ink Pad
GlobeCraft Embossing Powder
Prima Resin Fairy
Flowers:  Prima, Maya Road, Petaloo