A Filter Wreath For My iBFF

Wow!  Has it seriously been almost two months since I last blogged?  Oh my!  That simply will not do.  I will do my best to have something crafty share at least once a week.  And speaking of sharing crafty goods, I have another wreath for you!

This wreath was something I had been wanting to do since I made my first coffee filter wreath.  I love how easy, though repetitive, these filter wreaths are.  I made this unique wreath for my iBFF, Jess, who has been one of my nearest and dearest friends for several years now.  She's been with me through some awesome highs and some brutal lows.  I love her as a sister and am so happy she loves her wreath.

This bad boy is made using a combination of white and kraft coffee filters.  It's so ridiculously easy to make.

The bow is made using May Arts Burlap and my Zutter Bow-It-All, which I love, since I am severely bow challenged.

I loved how this turned out so much so, I am going to make another one for my house!  And if you know me at all, I hate doing the same project twice so that says a lot.


Supply List:
Wreath Form
Coffee Filters
May Arts Burlap Ribbon (4")

Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Zutter Bow-It-All