A Christmas Wreath That Wows!

Happy day before Thanksgiving!  At least, where I live it's the day before Thanksgiving.  And as such, I have another holiday craft for you!  In my family, it's tradition to get the Christmas tree up and the decorations hung the day after Thanksgiving.  What are Christmas decorations without a wreath?!  (And what's this blog without ANOTHER wreath? ::snort::) ChristmasWreath1-1 This wreath looks all sorts of expensive doesn't it?  Wrong!  Buy a big ol' tub of plastic ornaments for $20, a crap ton of hot glue sticks, a few glittery floral sprays and cool ass bow and get to gluin'!

ChristmasWreath4My cool ass bow has it goin' on, doesn't it?  This wreath took about 3 hours from start to finish.

ChristmasWreath2Mix up the sizes, colors and designs for a more unique look.  Throw some glittery flowers in there to hide holes you may have missed along the way.

ChristmasWreath3I had some of these tiny present ornaments I had intended for another project but they didn't work well with it so onto the wreath they went!  I got these from Retro Cafe Art.

And there you have!  It's a great way to use up ornaments that are damaged or missing the hook hangy thingamabobber.  Downside is now I have to go get more ornaments for the tree!  LOL!

Cheers! Chrissy