A Brooch Tutorial

Who doesn't just love a fantastic brooch to pin onto a coat, blouse, or even a stylish hat?  I know I do and my daughters definitely do too.  Here, I show you how to make a cool, simple, and eclectic brooch to wear everyday.

Chipboard Shapes of your choosing
Mod Podge
Foreign Text Paper Kit
Washi Tape
Pin Backs

Brooch Supplies

Step 1:
Paint your chipboard pieces with a nice coat of gesso and wait for it to dry.

Chipboard Painting

Step 2:
Tear a sheet of foreign text into small pieces and use Mod Podge to adhere the pieces to the chipboard.  It’s best to make it look all collagey and cool.  I applied Mod Podge over the top of the paper as well.  It helps to give it a nice, good seal and if you use glossy Mod Podge, it gives it a nice and subtle shine.

Mixed Media Chipboard Text

Step 3:
Once the Mod Podge has dried, take your scissors and trim off the excess paper.

Chipboard Bird Trim Text
Snip Snip!

Mixed Media Text Chipboard Pieces

Step 4:
Add your embellishments.  I used a piece of lace and some tissue paper on the dress form.  For the bird, I covered the wing element in washi tape.  After that, use a strong adhesive to glue the chipboard to the pin.

Mixed Media Chipboard Brooch

Once the glue dries, your brooch is ready for it’s stylish debut.

Mixed Media Bird Brooch
A hat pin too!

Mixed Media Silhouette Brooch