A bit a THROWBACK to the OL' SKOOOOOL!!!

I happened to be sitting here thumbing through my albums when I stumbled...actually tripped and fell on my face...across something that made me laugh, cry, and my eyeballs puke.  I came across some of the first pages I did when I started this addiction..er...hobby....seriously.

I couldn't help but thank god for tutorials, sketches, techniques, and product development!!  It seems that my style has grown from an angry pre-schooler, to a pouty 4th grader and is now teetering in the realm of emo 9th grader!  My how we grow and sprout...and spore. 

If you want a great laugh or are wanting to use that souvenir barf-bag you stole off of the last airplane your rode, then take a look...and have a laugh!

I hope you were as entertained...or appalled...as I was!  Ok...that's it for reflecting...and stop laughing!  I'm sure your's are right on par with mine! LOL!!