Artsy style with fartsy attitude.

My name is Chrissy Colón and I am an artful and wildly creative soul.  Here at Twisted Muse Designs, it is my passion to blend the ordinary with the unusual to produce pieces that can be described as eclectic and technical with a splash of whimsy, a healthy dash of imagination.  I prefer to walk on the fringe of traditional and the expected.  

My chemistry set includes mixing colors, patterns, and motifs in what I like to call a cultural fusion.  Ripping the proverbial box a new one and smashing the mold of traditional are my favorite past-times. 

Currently, I have the privilege of being the team administrator for Sandra Evertson's Relics & Artifacts®.  I also am part of the Retro Cafe Art Gallery design team as well as the core design team for Mixed Up Magazine.  I have been published several times in Somerset Studio by Stampington & Company and Mixed Up Magazine.  


*Photo credit:  Sandra Evertson